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An Assassin's Creed fan-comic about Altair, Ezio, Desmond, and the crazy fangirl who is intent on keeping them prisoner in her inescapable house.
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This page contains comics joking about more story-orientated aspects of Assassin's Creed. Includes joking about the ending

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My response to Desmond calling where he used to live a farm.

I wonder how Desmond runs his bar...

While I was trying to explain Desmond to a friend. I came to the conclusion. "In Assassin's Creed, you play a guy who plays an assassin." As to why Desmond plays better than Altair, I have no idea. I suppose it will probably stems to Altair not entirely getting technology as set in one of the Dear Altair comics. I know dancers who can't play Dance Dance Revolution so it's feasible?

I've got this bag of clay that I want to turn into Desmond... thinking of a cool pose was harder than I thought...

Originally, the joke was going to be that Altair thought the earth was flat, but it turns out in 830, Islamic astronomers figured out the Earth's circumference and were off by only 3.6% But I am pretty sure Altair doesn't know about North and South America, so he is asking about those. Drawing this from memory was a pain...

I dunno if I ever mentioned it on this site, but I am a CSI fangirl (I love Greg and Archie and Grissom). In CSI, they use those special lights and traces of blood will glow... Though I wonder how much tv Desmond watches. Though he didn't give me an answer about the end of Lost and I haven't yet asked him if he has a Playstation 4 or xBox 720... xD

This one isn't a comic, but... background reusing!

Seriously man! I really disliked playing the last bit of the game...
Though I love it when King Richard says "I will leave the decision to someone wiser than I" and then Robert de Sable gets all excited and it's like "Not you, Robert..."

On account many people didn't understand the stuff on the walls and some of it is still completely confusing, I feel sorry for Desmond. He has to figure it all out too, doesn't he?

Moved to spoiler section because it mentions spoilers and it didn't occur to me at first
Picking a font for Altair's handwriting was really hard!
Altair doesn't have much to do in Kaxen's house. He can't parkour or assassinate much, she he watches tv and wonders about the year 2007/2008 (and onward, if the comic goes that long) all my drawings of Desmond as a person with rather childish behavior, I forget he's a frickin' 25-year-old bartender...
Altair seems to watch every single type of tv channel except the porn channels, or at least have no porn theories

Altair and Malik discuss their discoveries...

I'm not sure how Altair thought Maria could possibly be Robert de Sable, but hilarity ensues!

What if the previous subject(s) wrote something simple??

Because my dad is fluent in Chinese not Japanese and he translated it! Typed up my dad's take on it here: